Do electric fireplace flames look real?

Ambe uses sophisticated flame picture technology and a lifelike fuelbed of logs with LED lit ‘embers’, resulting in a more realistic fireplace experience.

How much heat does an Ambe electric fireplace produce?

Our electric fireplaces are designed to provide heat output of up to 1.5kw.  

Do electric fireplaces give off any fumes or gasses?

No, our fireplaces do not emit any fumes, CO2, smoke, emissions or any pollutants.

Does the glass front of an electric fireplace get hot?

No, the glass front always remains cool to the touch, even when the heat is on high, making it safe for young children and pets.

The heating element is separate from the visual flame display and is located above the glass on the firebox. The heating elements are set behind safety screens and do not get hot enough to burn.

Are electric fireplaces energy efficient?

Absolutely, Ambe Electric Fireplaces run on minimal amounts of electricity – this means there is little waste compared with other forms of heating in your home.  Ambe also has the option of being run without heat.


Do you need any permits to install an Ambe electric fireplace?

No specific permits are necessary for installation, but It is recommended that a certified electrician be used if you choose to hard wire the appliance (as a separate isolation switch that is accessible after installation is required).

Does your fireplace need any venting or a chimney?

No, Ambe electric fireplaces are all vent free, so there is no need for any chimney, venting, or gas lines. They can be installed anywhere in the home, on an outside or inside wall, upstairs or down making them a great option for any home, apartment or condo.

Will my electric fireplace plug into any standard outlet?

Yes, our electric fireplaces are ready to plug into any standard 120V household outlet. 

All our electric fireplaces are designed to be built-in, and it is recommended that a certified electrician be used to ensure the appliance outlet plug is accessible after installation. 

Are electric fireplaces difficult to install?

No, Ambe electric fireplaces were designed as an alternative to wood or gas fireplaces, without the tricky installation requirements. Our electric fireplaces can be easily installed into a wall with wood or metal framing, with no gas line, chimney or venting required. 


We recommend you engage a certified electrician and consult our comprehensive installation guide.

Can I replace my open wood or gas fireplace with an electric fireplace insert?

Yes, you can. The Ambe Square30 was designed for this purpose – the classic shape, modest size and dimensions make it an ideal retrofit for existing fireplace cavities.  View the Ambe Square30

Can I install a TV or AV equipment directly above my electric fireplace?

Yes. Unlike most wood and gas fireplaces, you can place a TV directly above your Ambe. Please refer to our installation manual for instructions and clearances.

Can I install the fireplace in a bathroom?

Ambe Electric Fireplaces are not intended for use in bathrooms, laundry or similar indoor locations. For safety reasons the fireplace should not be in immediate use in surroundings such as water, baths, showers or a pool etc. 

Can I install an electric fireplace in a mobile home, RV or similar?

No, Ambe Electric Fireplaces are designed to be built-in and have parts that are fragile that may break or move in transit causing issues with the functioning and performance of the fireplace.


Where do you deliver?

Ambe delivers online orders to the contiguous United States and offers standard free shipping on all electric fireplaces. Unfortunately we do not currently ship to Alaska, Hawaii or USA Territories.

Where is my Ambe electric fireplace coming from?

Your Ambe will be shipped from our warehouse located in Washington.

How do I know if my order has been shipped and how long will it take to be delivered?

You will receive a confirmation email to advise that your Ambe order has been successfully received – keep this handy in case you need to refer back to it. 

You can expect to receive another email with a link to your shipping information within 24 hours of your order. Shipping may take up to 10 days depending on your location.

My item was damaged and I didn’t note this on the delivery receipt. Can I still get a replacement fireplace?

Ambe fireplaces are only able to assume responsibility for the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged items under specific conditions.  

In the unlikely event that the receipt was signed as received in good condition but the fireplace or its parts were damaged,  please ensure you contact us within 48 hours of delivery so we can resolve the matter.

Do you accept returns?

If you're not satisfied with an item that you purchased, you can return it within 30 days after delivery for a refund, as long as the item is in its original saleable condition and packaging. We will refund your purchase amount minus the return shipping charges, subject to refund eligibility.  Refer to our returns policy for more information.

I’ve changed my mind and would like to exchange the fireplace for another model, is this possible?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept exchanges for another fireplace model if you change your mind after the order has been physically shipped due to shipping costs. You can however return the item following the returns policy and place a new order.


What does the warranty cover?

The warranty is valid for two years from the date of purchase for parts and labor.  For full details of what is included and excluded, you can find further information in the Warranty booklet located here.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

A claim needs to be made as soon as you first become aware of the breakdown by completing a warranty claim from located here. You will be asked to provide proof of purchase along with a description and any detailed images of the product fault if requested.  

Your claim will be reviewed within 7 days of submission and you will be contacted with the outcome and any next steps.

Ambe or an Ambe distributor must pre-authorise all warranty work.

What if I have an issue after the warranty period has lapsed?

Our team are on hand to help with any trouble shooting advice – please contact our customer support team.

What if I have modified the product?

If the product has been modified or altered in any way, it will not be covered under warranty unless the modifications were approved in writing by Ambe.


What maintenance is required with your electric fireplace?

Minimum maintenance is required for your new electrical fireplace.  However you may wish to clean the external metal, glass or vents.  Please refer to the installation manual for further details.   


If any maintenance is required such as cleaning of fan motors or other internal or electrical parts, this should always be performed by a professional electrician.

How do I turn my electric fireplace on and off?

All Ambe Electric Fireplaces come with a remote control which allows you to turn the fire on, off and adjust the temperature and LED light settings. Manual controls can also be found on the appliance touch panel.  The operation and functions of the two methods are the same. 

Further information on operating your Ambe can be found in the User Guide.

Can I operate my electric fireplace without heat?

Yes, simply refer to the operating instructions for your fireplace model found in the installation manual.


Do you have a retail store I could visit?

All of our products are available exclusively online, however, to get a closer look at Ambe, check us out on Youtube and Instagram

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