The Beckler Abode – DIY Install with Traditional Ambience

Faced with the impending cost of tradespeople to renovate their home, the waiting game was going to be too long for Sarah Beckler, who decided to pick up the tools herself and start transforming her house into a home to love.

Starting with a large to-do list, the time came to tick off ‘build a fireplace’, choosing the Ambe Square30 for the Beckler family abode.


Hi Sarah, can you tell us what you wanted for the overall look and feel for your living room? And how did the traditional Square30 style fit into your plan?

I was looking for a modern but organic feel for the fireplace, and Ambe's Square30 was the perfect fit with its traditional style and shape.

Beckler Abode Ambe Square30

.The Ambe Square30 Electric Fireplace


Why were you drawn to an electric fireplace rather than gas or wood?

I had been hoping to add a fireplace to our family room for quite some time. The room is on our second floor and felt drawn to an electric fireplace knowing I'd be able to build it out and install it myself. This was a cost-effective way to get the look and feel I wanted for our space.


How did the Square30 suit your needs and vision for the living room?

The wall in our family room destined for the fireplace isn't very long, so finding a fireplace of the right size to fit on the wall and look like it belonged there was key. The Square30 was the perfect size to build a fireplace that looks right in the space, and I really liked the square shape over a rectangular one for the planned design.

Beckler Abode Ambe Square30
The fireplace adds a hygge feel – that sense of coziness, comfort, and contentment to the family room

Can you talk us through the surround design, materials, and why you chose this?

It was important for the fireplace to feel earthy and organic, hence creating a surround that spanned from floor to ceiling with a ledge for a mantel, while cedar boards were used to add texture. I DIYed a Roman Clay finish out of paint and joint compound which was applied in a few coats with a small putty knife to create more texture and movement. The Ambe fireplace adds a modern touch that pairs with the organic feel of the surround materials to create the desired look and feel.
Beckler Abode Ambe Square30

Floor-to-ceiling surround & different textures create an earthy organic feel


Talk us through the installation process – how long did it take you?

The build of the fireplace transpired over a couple of months, balancing DIY projects with full-time work and taking care of the family. It was a lot of fun figuring out the framing for the surround and building that out. I jokingly refer to drywall as my DIY nemesis, as it's not my most enjoyable part of DIY. Hyping myself up to get that part of the build done was a challenge, but finishing it was a great feeling! Installing the Ambe fireplace itself was so easy, achieving it in less than an hour. Anyone could install an Ambe fireplace as they are very easy and come with clear instructions.

 Beckler Abode Ambe Square30

The planning phase – from Pinterest boards to marking out the fireplace to visualize the design in the space


How do you feel about the finished result?

I am so in love with the finished result! The fireplace adds a hygge feel – that sense of coziness, comfort, and contentment to the family room, and has become a space we all want to gather and spend time in.

We love that you can change the lighting on the Square30 too. While I prefer a more classic style of oranges, yellows, and whites, my young son loves pairing other options and setting a more colorful vibe! We really are looking forward to many years of enjoying our Ambe fireplace.

Beckler Abode Ambe Square30

 From Classic to Colorful – the family have their own lighting favorites!


Watch the finishing touches at The Beckler Abode 

Learn more about the Ambe Square30 here

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