6 Electric Fireplace Styles That Are Trending Right Now

While we all love sitting by a fireplace on a chilly night, real fires aren’t always convenient, safe, or budget-friendly. To create an inviting atmosphere without mess, many people have been turning to electric fireplaces in recent years. Not only are they much easier to install and maintain than traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces, but electric fireplaces provide that quintessential warm glow that makes for a cozy ambience all winter.

If you’ve been thinking about getting an electric log fireplace, but aren’t sure which to choose, we’ve rounded up five trending styles to inspire you. These hassle-free, sleek electric fireplaces will warm up your space with the beauty of their lifelike flames.



1. Linear

Rectangular in shape, linear fireplaces are installed horizontally within a wall to create a modern feel in any room. They can be flush with the wall or protrude outwards– either way, they make a statement! Providing a clear view of the flickering flames within, Ambe linear fireplaces come in two widths to suit your space, the Linear50, and Linear72. While you wouldn’t put a traditional fireplace below a TV because of safety and heat restrictions, it is completely safe to do so with this type of living room electric fireplace.


Ambe Linear 50 Electric Fireplace



2. Electric Fireplace For The Bedroom

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a cozy blanket and a good book by a small electric fireplace in your bedroom. While traditional wood-burning fireplaces produce soot, smoke, and ash that you wouldn’t want in a bedroom, electric fireplaces are completely clean with nothing left behind except that warm, fuzzy feeling. Install yours wherever there is an outlet - no chimney or gas lines needed.



Ambe Square30 Electric Fireplace



3. Double-sided Electric Fireplace

One fireplace, two rooms to enjoy it from – that’s the charm of a double-sided electric fireplace. You’ll find these beauties, are generally positioned between two rooms, offering a breathtaking display of vibrant flames from both sides. Not only are they a great way to add ambience to two rooms at the same time, but they are space and budget-friendly as you only need to install them once.



4. Multi-sided Electric Fireplace 

Want to get your guests talking? Try adding a multi-sided electric log fireplace to your room. Also called a three-sided fireplace, this modern marvel showcases your fire from three different angles – either the front, back, and side; or the front and both sides. While a traditional fireplace only offers one view, a multi-sided fireplace, like Ambe’s Multi49 Bay creates a focal point no matter where you are standing in a room.

5. Lifelike Electric Fireplace Inserts

If you already have an existing fireplace, but don’t want to struggle with connecting a gas line or burning wood, electric inserts for fireplaces are your go-to. Many people have been turning to inserts, like Ambe’s Square30 because they are easy to use and mess-free while offering the look of a traditional fireplace. Combining an electric fireplace mantel with the modern convenience of adjustable flames, you can harness that fireplace feeling at home. 

6. Black Electric Fireplaces

If you’re looking for a sleek fireplace upgrade, black electric fireplaces are perfect. Black fireplaces have been rising in popularity as homeowners move away from traditional styles in favor of more modern furniture and accessories. Not only do they look sophisticated alongside dark furniture, but they also work well in rooms with bright stone accents like marble.  This look can also be achieved by designing any electric fireplace into an all-black surround.

Black electric fireplaces really dial up the drama as the flames within provide a striking contrast to the black edges of the surround.



Shop for an Electric Fireplace at Ambe

With so many styles of electric fireplaces available, it can be difficult to know what works best for your home. There is a lot of consider, from the design style to the size of your room and placement of the fireplace. The good news is, once you’ve decided on these details, you get to enjoy having a remote-controlled electric log fireplace without the mess.

Browse the entire range of Ambe Electric Fireplaces and discover the possibilities for your own home today!

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