8 Reasons Why Ambe Is North America’s Easiest Electric Fireplace

Here at Ambe, convenience comes first. Installing a traditional fireplace can take weeks of planning, permits, and installation and who has time for that? With all the perks, but none of the hassle, our electric fireplaces fit perfectly into a modern, busy lifestyle.

Easy to order and designed for long-lasting use year after year, Ambe electric fireplaces bring cozy nights straight to your door – without the fuss. Check out these reasons why we think Ambe is the easiest electric fireplace in North America.


1. Order Online & Delivery

Forget going to the store – all you need is a computer and a wifi connection to order one of our electric fireplaces. We strive to make online ordering and delivery as stress-free as possible. 

To place your order, select from a range of electric fireplaces and electric inserts for fireplaces. You can filter by shape: Bay, Linear, Corner and Square OR by series: Multi Series, Linear Series, Square Series. There’s no need to visit multiple stores looking for the right model; everything is listed online. 

Shipping is always free and our reliable shipping partners ensure quick and secure delivery of your purchase. We deliver to all states in the contiguous United States. Now, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your new living room electric fireplace to arrive…


2. No Flue Or Consent Required 

Unlike wood or gas fireplaces, Ambe Electric Fireplaces don’t require complex flue systems or building consent to install. This means that you can place your large or small electric fireplace anywhere you like in your home. No permits, no chimneys, no stress. Ambe fireplaces can be fitted on any wall in your home that has a standard 120V household outlet. The best things in life really are easy.


3. No Major Construction Required

Tired of struggling with complex instruction manuals? We hear you. Ambe Electric Fireplaces are easy to install with no complicated construction or installation processes. You can enjoy a beautiful fireplace without having to demolish walls to install a chimney. While some Ambe fireplaces like our Linear Series are designed to be built-in, you can also choose electric fireplaces inserts if you have an existing fireplace. Our Square30 fits within a pre-existing open fireplace cavity, creating a beautiful electric fireplace mantel with a traditional look, but contemporary ease-of-use.


4. Minimal Trades Involved

No gas line, chimney, or venting is required for Ambe fireplaces, which makes installing them an easy and straightforward process. Ambe Electric Fireplaces can be installed in any area with a power outlet, providing you with plenty of flexibility for where you can place it in the home. Keep in mind that using a certified electrician is still recommended.

5. Comprehensive Guides & Instructional Videos 

Not sure where to start? We’ve put everything you need to know into quick guides that come with every product. Additionally, you can take a look at our handy instructional videos on Youtube, which cover relevant topics like how to use the remote control and touch panel and how to change fuel beds



6. No Maintenance 

Say goodbye to the maintenance and upkeep of traditional fireplaces! Ambe Fireplaces require very minimal upkeep besides the occasional cleaning of the external metal, glass or vents.


7. Easy To Use Remote And Touch Panel 

Using either Ambe’s included remote control or touch screen panel, operating your electric fireplace couldn’t be easier. With just a few clicks, you can control the flame display, temperature, and LED lighting from anywhere in the room. You can also quickly turn the fire on and off when you’re in a hurry.



8. Customer Service Team

Our customer service team is dedicated to helping you make the most of your electric fireplace with extensive knowledge about our products. From helping you find the perfect electric fireplace for your home to offering advice on installation and use, we’re always available to help. Have a question? Send us an email at support@ambefireplaces.com.

Our mission has always been to make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of an electric fireplace - without the headaches of complicated in-store ordering and installation. With our high-end selection of models and styles, Ambe electric fireplaces offer everything you need for a winter night by the fire. Order your Ambe electric fireplace today and experience the easiest electric fireplace experience around!

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