Introducing Ambe – North America’s most realistic electric fireplace

A fireplace for every home.

While many of us aspire to have a real fireplace in our homes – the nostalgic warmth, flickering of flames and fireside conversations – we don’t all have the time, the space or the budget for a wood or gas burning fire.

But that’s where Ambe comes in.

Ambe electric log fireplaces give you the ambience of a real fire – with none of the mess or maintenance.  For the inner-city apartment dwellers, for the busy suburban families and the first home buys on shoestring – because everyone should be able to experience the magic that a fireplace brings to a home.

We’ve got your attention, but now you’re wondering what makes Ambe so impressive. Well, let us tell you…


Life-like Flames

Unlike most electric fireplaces – Ambe doesn’t get distracted by the gimmicks. Sure, we have an array of LED lighting displays and fuelbeds to choose from, but what we’ve focused on is the flame.

With a lifelike logs and glowing ember fuelbed, and a sophisticated flame pattern, Ambe gives you an experience that takes you right back to the fireside – the closest you can.


Ambe Square Electric Fireplace


Easy – The best things in life are

From ordering and installation to everyday use and maintenance (or lack thereof), everything about Ambe is easy.

There’s no messing around with flues or consent, and there’s no time spent chopping and stacking wood – simply put, this humble electric log fireplace saves you time, money, and stress – so you can focus on what matters. The way it should be.

We give you the ease of electric, with the magic of flame because the best things in life really are easy.

Ambe Linear 72 Electric Fireplace


Made for design lovers (like you) 

So, your coffee table is stacked with design magazines and your pinterest boards are brimming with style – you know exactly the look you want to create, but it’s always out of reach.

Creating a feature in your home doesn’t have to be difficult or cost you the earth – Ambe was made for the design-minded.

Ambe comes in a range of minimalist shapes with a variety of fuelbeds to get creative with – from quirky corner electric fireplaces to intriguing three sided bays, and lengthy linear showpieces.

Ambe electric log fireplaces also come with five interchangeable fuelbeds – you might say that’s like having 5 different fires for the price of one.

From our signature lifelike logs and glowing ember fuelbed, to striking crushed glass and sleek white stone, Ambe has everything you need to find the look you love.

Ambe Multi Corner Electric Fireplace


Renovators friend

For the diehard reno lovers, who see a project where others see a problem, the Ambe Square is your new best friend.

Designed as a solution to the drafty old fireplaces typical of character homes, this electric insert fireplace is the perfect fit for most existing fireplace cavities.  

Or, if you don’t have an old fireplace in need of restoration, but you love the traditional feel you can add an electric fireplace mantel and create the look yourself – it’s versatile like that, which is precisely why we call it the renovator’s friend.

Ambe Square Electric Fireplace


(Furr) Family friendly

Safe to touch, Ambe heats your home via a top vent, with no heat contained within the glass display. This means you can cosy up to Ambe with no chance of accidental burns, and curious little fingers and paws stay safe. 

Ambe Linear 50 Electric Fireplace

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