Introducing the Ambe Square - Made for traditionalists


Whether you’re reviving an old beauty, or you want to recreate the look and feel of a heritage fireplace, the Ambe Square was made for you.


Restore the soul

Finally, a solution to those drafty old open fireplaces typical of older, character homes.

Once upon a time, these fireplaces were the key source of heating for the families that lived in them – they oozed warmth and had an air of old-world romance about them, but eventually, they had to go.

Now with the developments of modern technology, these fires are often left redundant, collecting dust and nick-nacks.

While many have an ornate charm about them, they are rarely shut off or sealed properly from the chimney and outside air, causing warm air to escape, and inviting those pesky drafts in. 

Enter, the Ambe Square

Made to bring warmth back into the room, the modest dimensions of the Ambe Square make it a perfect fit for existing fireplace cavities. 

And unlike the wood fires that came before them, there’s no mess or maintenance.  The Ambe Square gets rid of all the gimmicks to give you the most realistic flame experience you can get from an electric fireplace - with lifelike logs and a glowing ember fuelbed, and flicking flame technology. 

So, if you're looking to restore the soul with electric inserts for fireplaces - this is it. 

Installation couldn’t be easier, with no need for a flue or ventilation – you can put them anywhere you like.

All of the feeling, and none of the fuss.  


Recreate the romance

If you don’t have an open fireplace but you love the traditional look, consider adding an electric fireplace mantel to the Ambe Square.

A mantel lets you create the romantic look and feel of period fireplace – with ample space to display your favourite artworks, ornaments, and framed photographs.

Bring it to the bedroom 

Many older homes also featured fireplaces in the bedrooms. Before the introduction of wall heaters and ducted technology this was the only source of heating for these rooms - and they still remain even though the flames have long since burned out. 

Perfect for small projects that make a big impact, Ambe is easy to install - so easy in fact you could do it yourself. So, why not bring that cosy feeling back with a small electric log fireplace for your bedroom?  


A modern take

The sleek design of the Ambe Square lends itself to modern installations as well.  A classic shape with a contemporary elegance – an easy and affordable way to make an impact in your own space.  

Like all Ambe fireplaces, the Square30 lets you dress to impress – with interchangeable fuelbeds and LED lighting displays – you can choose the look you love.

With so many possibilities, the design is truly in your hands. 

Find out more about the Ambe Square30 here

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