Reimagining your living room - with Falon Brianne

Sometimes you just need a little help to realise what your home is capable of. And, for Content Creator and Mom of three Falon Brianne, it was just what she needed with home renovations on her mind.

When it came to the living room in her 1900s-character home, Ambe’s Design Team worked their magic to help Falon reimagine her space with two of our favourite electric fireplaces, the Ambe Square30 and Multi49.  


Living Room #1 – Ambe Multi49

From the Design Team:

“In an intimate space like this with not a lot of free wall space , the Multi49 Corner Left was a natural choice. By positioning it in the corner of the room, the TV can easily be installed above the fire, and the hearth can extend along under the window to further elongate the room, as if it had always been there. It’s such a beautiful character window, we wanted to enhance it rather than detract from it. The corner fireplace style also adds a contemporary touch to the space too, mixing old with new.”

What Falon had to say:

“The Ambe Multi Corner is a perfect fit! With space being limited, the combination of its unique style and the ability to have a TV mounted above gives me an awesome piece to center my living room around!”

Living Room #2 Ambe Square30

From the Design Team:

“In the dining room, the existing fireplace has a beautiful character surround that we both wanted to retain and pay homage to the home’s traditional style. So, the solution needed to be easily retrofittable, would retain the home’s character and provide much needed ambience when entertaining friends and family. With a traditional, square style and the ability to be easily installed into existing fireplace cavities, the Ambe Square30 proved the perfect solution, both in form and function.”

What Falon had to say:

“The Square30 that Ambe have chosen has an awesome, traditional feel, plus it fills the void left by my existing, non-functioning fireplace, which means I can keep all of the beautiful character details of my home!”


Renovating Your Living Room?

Thinking of giving your living room that modern touch? Browse the entire range of Ambe Electric Fireplaces and discover the possibilities for your own home today.

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