WATCH: Liz Morrow's DIY Linear50 Fireplace Build

Liz Morrow is no stranger to a DIY project – so when she decided she wanted to replace her bulky freestanding wood fireplace with something more modern and sleek she knew she wanted to do it all herself. 

Concept-Completion Ambe Linear50 Liz Morrow

Liz Morrows concept to completion using the Ambe Linear50

“I came up with an idea to transform the whole wall with a modern concrete fireplace and built-in bookcase. After a few years of updating this house, it’s taken on an eclectic modern look so I knew this combination would not only fit the style of the house, but also add a ton of functionality.”


The Ambe Linear50 arrived on her doorstep just days after she ordered it online. 


Ambe was the perfect solution for Liz, after browsing the online store, she fell in love with Linear50 and added it to her cart. Fast forward a few days and there it was on her doorstep, ready to be installed.

“Ambe Fireplaces are electric which meant that we didn’t have to do any kind of messing around with the existing chimney or putting in gas lines. They have a few different shapes and sizes, but I really loved the linear style and the 50in was the perfect size for our spot”

The finished Ambe Linear50


Ambe can be plugged into any standard 120v outlet – so all Liz needed to do was build the surround of her dreams.

“The directions were straightforward and included all the dimensions for framing out the hole for the unit, so I sketched up a framing plan and we got to it!”


Watch the video below for the full reveal and find out just how easy it was for Liz to transform her space with Ambe.  

Learn more about the Ambe Linear50 here

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