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For parents and pet owners, a traditional fireplace is more trouble than it’s worth. With curious little hands and paws poking around, it’s just too dangerous to have a live fire in the center of your home. Sparks, smoke, and burn risks are enough to keep any parent from ever lighting their fireplace…

Fortunately, there’s a way to enjoy the beauty and warmth of a fireplace without all the hazards associated with open flames. With Ambe electric fireplaces, there is no setup required, no mess, and best of all – no safety concerns for your family. Approved for use in homes with both kids and pets, Ambe electric fireplaces are designed with no open flames, dangerous fumes, or hot surfaces, so they are the perfect way to warm up your home and provide ambiance without risk. 


No Live Flame or Wires

While the flames that dance within Ambe living room electric fireplaces look real, there is no actual fire. Instead, what you see is our sophisticated flame picture technology and a lifelike fuelbed of logs with LED lit ‘embers.’ Additionally, Ambe is designed seamlessly into your wall, so there are no stray wires that could be a tripping or electric shock hazard. With total control over the flames, you can set their height and color to whatever makes you feel the coziest. See how they work for yourself in this short video!

The Ambe Linear 50 is seamless built-in with no exposed wiring.


No Smoke or Fumes

Traditional fireplaces release smoke and fumes that could be harmful for a small child or pet and impact their ability to breathe easily. Electric fireplaces, on the other hand, do not emit any fumes, CO2, smoke, emissions or any pollutants. There is no flue or chimney required, which eliminates the need to check to make sure that the fireplace is venting correctly. This also means that there is less maintenance and no clean-up. Even if you opt for electric inserts for fireplaces, like the Ambe Square Electric Fireplace, you still don’t need to use the flue and chimney. Your fireplace will look like a traditional log-burning model, but in fact, it will have all the perks of a modern electric fireplace mantel.


The Ambe Square 30 emulates a traditional woodburning fireplace with a classic mantel surround.


Glass is Cool to Touch 

Yes, it’s possible to have a fireplace for kids and pets that warms your room without being hot to the touch. While our electric fireplaces have a heat output of up to 1.5kw, the heat is released through a vent at the top of the fireplace. As the heat is directed to this top vent, the glass exterior of the fireplace remains cool as a cucumber, even when the heat is on high. Whether you’re looking for a small electric fireplace, or want to make a statement with a large version from our Linear Series or Multi Series, there is no more worrying about your child or pet getting burned if they accidentally touch the glass of the fireplace.

It may look hot but all glass on our full range of Ambe Electric Fireplaces is cool to touch – completely safe for kids and pets.


Designed to be Safely Built In

Ambe offers three unique series of fireplaces, each of which is designed to be easily and safely built in while meshing with any existing design. The modern electric models complement any decor and create a stunning focal point. All you need is an outlet – no chimney or gas lines.

Multi Series: Designed to be viewed from multiple sides and even from two rooms if you so choose.

Linear Series: Luxurious and sleek, these rectangular fireplaces can be installed beneath a large wall-mounted television for maximum impact.

Square Series: A small electric fireplace insert that works perfectly within the infrastructure of a traditional fireplace.


The striking Ambe Right Corner transforms this space with no need for a chimney or gas line.

Still asking yourself, “What’s the safest fireplace for my family?” No matter which Ambe electric fireplace you choose, they are all designed to be easy and safe. There is no need for any costly remodelling or construction, but we do recommend that you hire a professional to do the electrical installation of your Ambe fireplace. Rest assured, with innovative designs and tested safety features, our fireplaces are the perfect choice for families looking to enjoy cozy warmth without worry.


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